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Friday, 26 July 2013



Hey Beauties! <3

I have been testing out these products I have been sent by Oriflame apparently they are an older brand, my mum even remembers then and trust me..... that's old haha.
So i was sent a few things as you can see in the picture below im going to break down the picture and talk about each individual product and what I think of them as Me and what I think of them as a Makeup Artist

Left to right:
Bronzing Pearls, Studio Artist Foundation, Loose Powder, Eyeshadow Duo,
Hyper Stretch Mascara, Eyeliner Stylo
First of all i thought this was quite cute the packaging wise, it reminds me a lot of Avon just because of the way the items are presented.

I think this foundation is quite good but im not too sure on the packaging of it i would have much preferred a pump bottle because you squeeze this even slightly and lots of product comes out. As for the Product its self i cant fault it, I would say it was a medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish and a little goes a long way as I found out i had wasted some when using it which i think is great. There is another good thing about this foundation is it has a SPF of 15, I wouldn't know how this photographs but I would love to find out. The foundation contains 30ml of product so about standard for foundations and retails for £9.95* Overall i think this foundation looks good on skin i would recommend it for people for Normal/Dry skin because i think it might be a bit to Oily for Oily Skin. You can find the product by clicking here

I quite like this powder but i dont think i would use it on Photoshoots because i have something supirior but i think for everyday use this powder is great, its a clear transluecent powder which is quite finely milled and when pressed in to the skin to it gives a silky finish to the skin, i think this powder would be great for people who oily skin because it seems to work really well that way but also it has "Illuma Flair" which Oriflame describe as "light-reflecting Illuma Flair™ complex for a natural and luminous result in any light."
Overall I think this is just another powder really nothing special or new about it but worth a try, it contains 7g of product for £10.95 and can be found by clicking here

These are the Bronzing Pearls in Natural Bronze, i have to admit i dont like this product at all from a Makeup Artist point of view these pearls are far to orange for my liking as you will see in the picture below i tried to get some pigment off them and couldn't see anything coming up until i took a picture with Flash, id hate to see what would have happened if I had actually used them. If you wish to buy them you can buy them here and they retail for £16.95 for 25g of product.
As you can see above it just looks really orangey and almost like rust  

I do quite like this product but again its nothing new or anything different, Oriflame quotes "Achieve high colour precision with this advanced ink liner. Its fine applicator delivers exact colour which dries quickly and won’t smudge or fade." which is what it does to be honest, this pen is pigmented and creates perfect lines depending on the amount of pressure you apply and drawing the line, I agree with the fact the it dries quickly, doesn't smudge or fade. You can find the eyeliner stylo here for £6.95* and you get 1.6g of product

These eyeshadows are great if you know how to use them, alone they arnt that amazing, poor pigmentation but sort of creamy. I found if i scraped a little out onto a palette and mixed it with sealing gel from Illamasqua and foiled the shadow it looked far better and the pigmentation was far better as well.
Once I added the sealing gel and tried to use it that way i was pleasantly surprised about how they looked. The difference isnt massive but it is at more pigmented now
I think over all these are okay foiled for everyday use but i wouldn't use them in my kit because i dont think they are up to standard that im used to working with. You can buy these from the Oriflame website i couldnt find a link or price to these so you might have to tweet   to find out.

Overall I think like all brand there hit and miss products, I like the Eyeliner stylo and the foundation. I will have a separate review up soon on the Mascara as I haven't tried that out yet on someone.

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